Our network is made up of selected partners who are involved in the technical and artistic implementation of the BLUE BOX.

HP Trauschke - Executive Artistic Director

Jon Kellam - Theatre Artistic Director -

Prof. Eckhard Gerber - Executing Architect -

Werner Sobek, Berlin - Static and Construction -

Ewald Rüter Engineering - Technical Solutions - Sigma-Joint

König Automotive - Manufactoring Sigma-Joints -

EXit productions - Building the BLUE BOX 

Hoid Studio - Website & Design -

Jeremias Stüer - Corporate & Private Events -

Michael Wegener - Funding -

Luca Minotti - Set-Designs

Renze Torenzma - Light-Design

Reinhard Lichtenhahn - Office Management

Claus Joachim Zey - Drawn Diary

Kento Tamakoshi - Film-Documentation -

ARTISTIC partner

Friedrich Liechtenstein - Singer, Actor & Entertainer

Die erste Vertikale - Vertical Cinema! Festival in portrait format 9:16 

Bämsemble Company - Mailand, Turin

Ideal Glass - New York



BLUE BOX  is a multifunctional sculpture floating on the water that can be used as a stage and event location. It is designed as a meeting point for the arts and sciences.



All copyrights © EXit productions, HP Trauschke