BLUE BOX  is a floating 28x28x28 meter transformable sculpture, venue and meeting place. It is a projection screen, collection point for information and stage for movement; the perfect empty space. BLUE BOX is a distinctive location for the human being who creates a place in the world, receptive to ideas, forming community. Art and nature, art and science, dialogue and controversy.

BLUE BOX is completely usable, inside and outside. It can be transparent and closed. It is original and timeless in its outward form, innovative and avantgarde in its technical disposition: intelligent in construction, multifunctional in all dimensions. In this sense, it corresponds spiritually to the living cell, which carries all possibilities of dealing with information and movement unto itself.

The most modern technologies and materials are used. Consequently, the digital age in BLUE BOX meets the most innovative requirements. The form does not superimpose content but gives it space. As strong as the aesthetic effect of this sculpture is, it also generates intuition and open perspective. Its innovative simplicity offers at the same time utmost complexity.

The project is developed for worldwide relocation at a rate of 1 to 2 years.


Generally, we are afraid of the void. However emptiness is not nothing, but the presupposition of the creative. We can feel the void: as the absence of something. The empty space is a state of expectation that demands to be filled. The moment of emptiness is the prerequisite for creative manifestation. Only letting go of an existing reality enables information to move forward allowing, new meaning and new images to arise.

The empty space is therefore never exactly empty, otherwise, the energy and lifetime of possible particles would be exactly zero. Rather, the empty space is a seething lake in which virtual antimatter and matter pairs of particles constantly arise and pass away, whereby an excess of matter remains. Our universe.

BLUE BOX is the empty space where information is collected and materialized through movement. Information and movement. The two primary forces of the creative.


Just under 600 million years ago, cells became social. For the first time, some of them gave up their solitary existence and joined together with others. A daring step, since from then on, they were dependent on each other, for better and for worse. But success proved them right: Today, for example, 100 trillion cells work together to form one human being. We can remove and add genetic information from cells, giving new creatures new properties.

In 1855, the pathologist Rudolf Virchow proclaimed his credo: “Omnis cellula e cellula“ - each cell is formed from one cell. Genes are turned on and off. Cells have a life cycle. Anyone who wants to understand the function of genes must read the life stories of cells.


Should we finally succeed in stimulating the artificial cell to divide, the biologists could sit back and let it happen.

 Information & MOVEMENT

BLUE BOX is an empty space that through its uniformity, dissolves from the inside and concentrates from the outside, from the conscious interaction of information and movement, which determines everything material since the beginning of time. Consciousness is the beginning of every creation.

We can both assume that all information always exists, and that movement can take place at any time in all directions. Information and movement are conscious of the interaction, as well as the resulting matter itself. It is creation in its most original form, and as such, timelessly transcending the boundaries of the 2-dimensional information field, over to the 3-dimensional matter space. The consciously creative know about time as part of the movement, whereby the resulting form in the sequence can also be determined in space. The conscious creator knows what was, is, and will be. We understand the dissolution of time, as a consequence of the awareness that all time also exists in the now. 


The sharing of Information succeeds through movement, which in turn allows new movement. Once started, this is necessarily an infinite process. The consciousness grows into the space and concentrates in its center. In this consciousness the will becomes free. Then it‘s up to us which information we associate with which movement. The result of this interaction is always predictable. To this creatively conscious human being, BLUE BOX opens its empty space at any time to form itself into it. 


As a result, BLUE BOX is all about getting in touch with existing information, for instance science, which requires a constant change of perspective. Only this change of perspective makes it possible to recognize the true nature of a thing. From this constant movement, everything else will follow. The more information an extensive movement is based on, the more stable the result. BLUE BOX is, therefore, a place of closest cooperation between the sciences, information, and the arts, movement.


Water, formed from the combination of the hydrogen and oxygen gas ele­ments, carries this creative form of interaction, creating everything alive. It is both storage for information and always moving in all directions.


Blue Box, floating on the water, acts as the mother ship, which is linked worldwide to colleges of science and art.

After the first change of location, Blue Box expands with two more cubes of 20 x 20 x 20 meters into a stylized water molecule H2O. On the one hand, they serve as living space for employees and guests, and on the other as stu­dios and laboratories for artists and scientists.

The three cubes are connected by bridges. In the center, a triangular playing area and sculpture garden will be created.


BLUE BOX  is a multifunctional sculpture floating on the water that can be used as a stage and event location. It is designed as a meeting point for the arts and sciences.



All copyrights © EXit productions, HP Trauschke