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Frieder Zimmermann


Composer, Musician and Soundesigner.

He made his High School Graduation in1991 and studied until 1995 Music Science at Technical University in Dresden and 1995-2001 Composition at University of Music „Carl Maria von Weber“ in Dresden with Prof. Rainer Lischka.

Since then he works for Movies, Theater, Dance Productions and runs his own Studio Quohren MPG where he produces Music, Radiodramas, Filmscore as well as Filmsound.

Until now he released around 50 Filmscores, ranging from small animation

movies to experimental documentary movies.


He works with many filmmakers, including Ralf Kukula and Balancefilm Dresden, allanimata: Alla Churikova und Dmitri Popov, Atelier Reichl: Eckart Reichl & Peter Grimm, Tellux Film: Volker Schmidt, filmpunktart: Julius Günzel and the directors Peter Förster, David Menzhausen, Maike Böhm, Claudia Reh, Jörg Herrmann, Bernd Kilian, Norbert Göller.

In 2015 he received the „best music award“ at the british animation film festival for „little fat lady“ by Alla Churikova.

He travels the world with the theatre and puppet company „Cie. Freaks und Fremde“ and plays as a live Musician in many theatre pieces.

He worked also with Gerhart Hauptmann Theater Zittau, Volkstheater Rostock, Theater Plauen Zwickau, Comedia Theater Köln, Consoltheater Gelsenkirchen, Theater Junge Generation Dresden, Societätstheater Dresden, Sorbisches Nationalensemble and with the Dresden based Dance Companies „Derevo“ and „the guts company“.

Frieder has worked with orchestras, bands, chamber music groups, choirs, soloists, dancers, actors and puppeteers.

As a Soundengineer he traveled i.E. to China, Kamerun, Nepal, India and Columbia.

He has studied many years with Robert Fripps Guitar School, Guitar Craft or the Guitar Circle.

Many years he has worked as a Teacher for Sounddesign at a professional media school in Dresden and Berlin.

He plays old german folk music with the trio „TWORNA“.

Frieder is married with Tanja Mette-Zimmermann, they have 3 kids together and they are living in a 3 Generations House in the beautiful village Quohren.

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