HP Trauschke

Theatremaker, Artist & Author

Born in 1965 in Offenburg, Germany, he attended Studio Theatre in Munich to study acting, directing and set design.


Since 1983, he has produced nearly 100 theatrical and artistic productions:

- 33 theatre productions including:  “Danton Lives!”, inspired by Georg Büchner and performed at the Japanese Palace in Dresden.
- 19 artistic productions including: 
“Basic Colours” with Paul Heimbach for Lille, European Capital of Culture and “WÆNDE” in Dresden, memorializing the fall of the Berlin Wall.
- 14 stage-directions including: “I, Feuerbach” by Tankred Dorst which premiered at the 1990 Büchner Prize award ceremony, at the Gasteig Cultural Center in Munich.
- 31 stage sets including: “The Long Night of Thomas Bernhard” at the Thomas Bernhard Festival in Berlin.


Trauschke has performed in more than 4000 shows, including “Kafka’s Monkey” with Actors' Gang in Los Angeles. Currently living and working in Berlin, Trauschke created EXit productions to archive his past body of work and launch his future productions.

thoughts are titans,

elements the gods

Kinetic Steel-Sculptures


A theatrical sculpture (240t concrete transform), Prager Straße Dresden, 1997

Dresden‘s most spectacular art project - Sächsische Zeitung


1998 - 2004 - Berlin, Potsdam, Dresden, Stuttgart, Lille, Imperia, Caputh

kafka's Monkey

The Actors‘ Gang - Los Angeles 2010

HP Trauschke in a tour de force performance - LA WEEKLY


by Eugène Ionesco - Munich, Berlin

For those who love Ionesco, be assured in advance that this brilliant performance will do the

Master justice in every way. A great tragic joy is guaranteed. -

I, feuerbach

For the Büchner Award ceremony to Tankred Dorst, Gasteig Munich 1990

The theatre event of the year - Süddeutsche Zeitung

The long night of 

Thomas Bernhard 

Thomas Bernhard Festival Berlin, 1998

The highlight of the event series „Thomas Bernhard, a sharpening“ - ORF Zeit im Bild


BLUE BOX  is a multifunctional sculpture floating on the water that can be used as a stage and event location. It is designed as a meeting point for the arts and sciences.



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