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BLUE BOX  is the meeting point of the arts with a 784 m² gallery upstairs. The theater space holds cumulatively, a total of 1200 spectators on the various gallery platforms. The 784 m² ground floor also serves as a presentation space for the latest trends in science, education and research.

The Monkey Hamlet - by Ludo Vici & HP Trauschke 

Mephausto (Faust I) - by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The Sinister Deeds of Benjamin Bloom - by HP Trauschke 

Nosferatu - Blue Box Company

The Golem - by Jon Kellam 

The Devine Comedy - by Dante Alighieri 

Goldberg Variations - by J.S. Bach, Lyrics by HP Trauschke

The little Prince - by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


Landscape - The Space in the Space, showing the LED exterior of the BLUE BOX

Thoughts are Titans, Elements the Gods - Kinetic Sculptures

Information equals Gravity - Virtual Sculptures with Weight


Die erste Vertikale - Vertical Cinema! Festival in portrait format 9:16 

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