Structrual Design

The structural system is based on a 4 x 4 x 4 m module, which ultimately results in a cube-shaped building form. The basic elements of the Blue Box are steel lightweight elements that are inserted into the frame. All structural elements are made of the lightest possible material as well as prefabricated

units to ensure a quick set-up. Supported by a lightweight construction, BLUE BOX is designed to enable transportation by truck or boat. Wherever possible, the structure, building services, and architecture are integrated to form a cost efficient and coordinated cube. 


Demountable - A building is on the move: at least 15 years, every 1-2 years to another place, easy to transport, quick to assemble, adaptable to different climates, demountable.

Construction - Superlight steel girders are put together to form cubes of 4 x 4 x 4 meters using the Sigma Joint quick connect system. After dismantling, the BLUE BOX can be redesigned as a ship and thus able to cross the rivers and seas.


“Every item is determined by its nature. To make it work properly, its essence must be explored; for it is to serve its purpose perfectly, i.e. to fulfill its function, to be practical, durable, cheap and beautiful“.

Walter Gropius, Architect & Bauhaus Founder


BLUE BOX is a transformable sculpture. A room in a room that is constantly changing. Artists and scientists from all over the world have access to the control of the LEDs and are thus able to present their content on the BLUE BOX.

3136 m2 LED
700 m2 Solar Cells


BLUE BOX  is a multifunctional sculpture floating on the water that can be used as a stage and event location. It is designed as a meeting point for the arts and sciences.



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